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EH Reading Group Open to All

EHWN Board Members, Justin Rock and Ryan Brown, are collaborating with community member River Heisler on an informal EH reading group that is open to the public.

This Existential/Humanistic (EH) reading group is a space to engage creatively, constructively, and spontaneously with the works of philosophers belonging to a large stream of “existential” and “phenomenological” thought (terms with which we will certainly experiment and contend). The group will be a space to critique, question, and experience the works which influence what it means to call oneself an “existential” therapist, “existentialist”, or an “existentially”-influenced human. Starting with the idea of alterity, and what the experience of the Other can tell us about being human, we will plunge headfirst into Emmanuel Levinas’ Totality and Infinity. Please read as much as you are able! Please also read”Toward a Liberation Psychology [translated by Adrianne Aron]” by Ignacio Martin-Baro, from the volume “Writings for a Liberation Psychology”, as it provides a deep and meaningful framework from which to question and frame how we may engage in this type of critique from a consciousness-raising perspective.

Please feel free to contact me (River Heisler, with any questions!

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