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Navigating the Depths of Human Experience: A Reflection on Dr. Nathaniel Granger Jr.’s Workshop

As the president of Existential-Humanistic Northwest (EHNW), I am continually inspired by the depth and breadth of experiences and knowledge that our community brings to the table. Our recent workshop with Dr. Nathaniel Granger Jr. was no exception. The event, titled “Examining Microaggressions and Building Cultural Empathy through the Historical Lens of the African American Experience,” was a profound journey into the intricacies of human relationships, cultural understanding, and the importance of genuine connection.

Dr. Granger’s approach was not just theoretical; it was deeply experiential. Through his guidance, we were invited to immerse ourselves in the lived experiences of others, to truly see and hear them, and to understand the world from their vantage point. This is the essence of phenomenological work. It’s about diving deep into the world of another, not as a distant observer, but as an engaged participant. It’s about understanding, not just with the mind, but with the heart and soul.

The space that Dr. Granger created was one of mutual respect, understanding, and genuine human connection. It was a space where we could be vulnerable, where we could share our stories and hear the stories of others. It was a space where we could humanize one another, breaking down the barriers that so often divide us. This is the kind of therapeutic work that our world so desperately needs. It’s about seeing the other not as an ‘other’ but as a fellow human being, with dreams, hopes, fears, and struggles.

I am incredibly proud that EHNW hosted such a transformative workshop. It aligns perfectly with our mission to foster genuine human connections, to promote understanding, and to create spaces where healing, connection, and love can flourish. I am also deeply grateful to the approximately 50 attendees who joined us, making themselves vulnerable and open to growth. Their presence and engagement were a testament to the power of community and the shared desire for a more empathetic and understanding world.

To those who attended the workshop at the Hotel Deluxe in Portland, OR, and to Dr. Granger, I extend my heartfelt thanks. Let’s continue to journey together, navigating the depths of human experience, and working towards a world where every individual is seen, heard, and valued.


Justin Rock
President, Existential-Humanistic Northwest

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