Living authentically ~ Authentically living

Lunch & Learn: Humanistic Psychotherapy and the Art of Living

Presented by Carol Swanson, LCSW

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We live in a world of fragile things:  fragile  selves, fragile psyches, fragile bodies. Yet even with this uncertainty and fragility, we are asked to approach our lives with tenacity, grace and wisdom. As existential  humanistic therapists we encounter the uncertainty and complexity in our clinical work everyday. We are asked to suffer alongside our clients, and to help them increase their capacities for living, and hopefully for a more creative life. An important capacity we need as therapists and we can lend to our clients is knowing that life’s unpredictability exceeds our capacity to control it, that a degree of insecurity is an existential predicament and not a neurotic issue. In this presentation, and conversation I want to put forward how we may never be successful in cultivating a unitary and internally consistent self. I pose the question:  How do we develop the acceptance and tolerance for a degree of instability in our lives?




Dec 10 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm