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Future Minds: A Tapestry of Existentialism and Mental Well-being in the Age of AI

Christy Hey, LPC & Arnaud Verstuyf

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The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) brings both promise and peril to the core tenets of existential humanism. While AI has the potential to enhance individual freedom, automate mundane tasks, and contribute to a more interconnected society, concerns arise regarding privacy, autonomy, and the erosion of personal responsibility. The collaboration between humans and AI may lead to meaningful synergies or, if mishandled, to a sense of alienation. Ethical considerations in mental health practices, existential anxieties, and the cultural shifts driven by AI further complicate the relationship between providers and clients. Navigating these complexities requires a careful balance between technological progress and the preservation of existing values and methodologies. In this presentation, Arnaud will give a basic overview of AI history and where it might be heading; Christy will discuss the current and potential uses and ethical concerns in the field of mental health.

Before the ‘Lunch & Learn’, we recommend watching, or re-watching, the movie “Her” from 2013 as a potential – but positive – example of humanity’s relationship with evolving artificial intelligence.

Bios (two speakers):

Christy Hey, LPC, started her career in St. Louis, Missouri, as a music therapist working with young people with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnoses. Upon arriving in Oregon in 2009, she worked at the Oregon State Hospital then Chemawa Indian School before starting her private practice in 2019. Her current practice as a therapist and coach primarily supports neurodivergent adults, who are often exploring their relationship with social and technological worlds. Through her emerging identity as a digital nomad, her interests lie at the intersection of culture, mental health and technology, traveling and working abroad as much as possible with Arnaud and their two dogs, Otter and Ellie.

Arnaud Verstuyf’s varied career is marked by both public service and private sector success. He began his professional journey in the private sector, supporting small businesses, while pursuing and obtaining a Software Engineering degree from KU Leuven, Belgium. Following that, he moved into public service, providing technological expertise on a pilot project for cultural communication. The next challenge taken was as a consultant, offering the opportunity to navigate many large companies dealing with supply chain management and production. After meeting and subsequently marrying Christy, he moved to another continent, on a journey of personal flexibility while exploring his own community and business ventures.

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Feb 09 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm